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Benefits of Strength Training for Adults

Strength training assists with every aspect of health and functionality. In the average person, strength training increases metabolism, strengthens bones, improves balance, and enhances the activities of daily living. In the adult athlete, strength training provides important balance to all activities such as running, biking, yoga, and swimming.

Benefits of Strength Training for Children

Many people still believe that young people should not strength train until they have reached puberty or they have finished growing. The following articles highlight the most current research regarding strength training for children and adolescents. Strength training with an emphasis on proper technique and muscle development can prevent injury and improve performance across a multitude of sports. Note the emphasis on safe, supervised, and progressive training.

The Importance of a CSCS Certified Trainer

ACE, ISSA, FMS, CPT, RKC, E...I....E...I...O! With the plethora of certification options available for personal trainers, know the difference and importance of a CSCS trainer certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Also learn why it is important to have a trainer educated in exercise science and proper strength training technique and the requirements for continuing education to maintain certification.

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